Financial Options

Option One- Pre-Pay:
Prepayment option and save 5% by paying the planned treatment in full today by
cash, check, or credit card. (patients with insurance)

Option Two- Insurance Patients- Pay per visit- Estimated Co-payment
Pay the estimated co-payment at each visit by cash, check, or credit card, and
assign benefits to the dentist or dental entity. Estimated co-payment must be
paid prior to treatment.

Option Three- In house Financing – Care Credit
Take advantage of the recommended finance company, making monthly
payments to them directly for services rendered in this dental practice. With
understanding that financial arrangements are with the third- party lender. A
completed application can be processed day of service.

Option Four Cash Discount Patient without Dental Insurance
Take advantage of the 20% off discount to pay for treatment in full today with a
CASH payment. * no credit card or check

All major credit cards are accepted.