Night Guard/ Occlusal Guard

These guards are removable devices that fit over the teeth and are used to help prevent the wearing down of teeth during sleep due to night time grinding and clenching. These guards can also be worn during the day if the patient’s problems are more serious than just the average teeth grinding problems. These types of guards are custom made by our dental professionals to fit your teeth.


These are clear plastic removable retainers that are molded by our staff at Precision Cosmetic Family Dentistry to perfectly fit the new position of your teeth. They are usually worn after orthodontic treatment. They’re also called molded retainers. (The technical name for them is thermoplastic or vacuum-formed retainers.)


NTI is a dental appliance for the treatment of migraine pain and associated tension headaches. By reducing muscle contraction intensity during parafunctional activity, minimizes tooth wear, reduces joint strain and disc load and decreases muscle tension leading to fewer migraines and morning headaches. NTI is a product that is made exclusively at the dental laboratory NDX. The staff at Precision Cosmetic Family Dentistry will take impressions of your teeth and will work with NDX to provide you with your NTI appliance.

Athletic custom mouth guards

Custom mouth guards are made from impressions of your own teeth. These guards are made of resilient and tear resistant materials while ensuring a proper fit, comfort, are easy to clean, and do not restrict breathing. A properly fitted mouthguard must be protective, comfortable, resilient, tear resistant, odorless, tasteless, not bulky and have excellent retention, fit, and sufficient thickness in critical areas.

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