A dental inlay is like a filling, but is much more customized and permanent, and is made in a lab (using an impression of the tooth) and are later cemented into place. It restores the area which was damaged by decay.  An added benefit of inlays is that they can last far longer than traditional fillings.


A dental onlay (sometimes called a “partial crown”) is used when more extensive restorations is required. This is a great alternative to fully crowning the tooth. Onlays allow for more of the natural tooth to stay intact it does not require reshaping of the tooth. Since the process of bonding is the same as you find with inlays, the longevity of an onlay is the same. .

Appropriate Reasons to Seek Inlay/Onlay

We recommend inlay/onlay restorations for a variety of reasons.  Our inlays and onlays  make a world of difference to patients who experience tooth fractures, decay, and broken fillings. Inlays and onlays can also be used for cosmetic enhancements by replacing old silver fillings.